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The application of the servo control system in the film printing machine


Project background


Today, we have made new breakthroughs in the film printing industry. The chain tool servo control system adopts YBDP servo + touch screen to achieve the full electronic cam structure, fully automated and efficient chain cutting scheme.
A change in the past film printing machine after cutting machine by a small knife knife cut film by drawing machine pulling way. The new scheme conforms to the higher demand of the future application of the membrane printing industry, for example, thin film material is too thin to be stretched, and the tensile strength of PE thin film is not easy to break. It will be a pioneer in the film printing industry. The high speed chain cutter type paper cutting mechanism can improve the production efficiency and greatly reduce the production cost of the enterprise.


Project use


Widely used in the processing of various types of books and periodicals cover, pictures, packaging cartons, hand-held paper plastic bags, calendars and other fine arts printing and packaging industry.


system architecture



Project plan


In life, there are a lot of paper materials that need to be coated, such as pomelo box, food packing box and so on. The paper materials need to increase the demand for film mulching and the diversification of the film materials. The traditional way of cutting paper can not meet the demand of production. At present, the cost of the control scheme of the domestic controller is mostly high. Therefore, domestic customers urgently need solutions to solve the above problems. Yung Bo understands customer needs. After communicating with people in plastic film printing industry, we immediately make chain knife system plan for customer problems, and develop chain tool system at the fastest speed.

Working process of chain knife
First of all, the front end of the finished paper passes through the chain cutter's traction shaft, after ultrasonic sensor (for detecting paper lap), and then enters the servo driven chain cutter system to cut the paper, and then goes to the next process after cutting.
Servo control mode:
Servo adopts cam mode. First, the relevant mechanical parameters of chain cutter are written to the servo, and the cam curve is automatically programmed inside the servo, and the cam contour is adjusted by ultrasonic sensor to repair the different length of paper and overcome the mechanical error. After the completion of the system debugging, the customer only needs to change the length of the paper and the depth of the cutting paper to cut the material of different specifications.
Scheme features
The 1. servo drive control paper position system makes the paper position more stable, efficient and accurate.
The 2. man-machine interface display system can simply set the parameters of the equipment.
The 3. chain cutter type cutting mechanism can meet the PET, PVC, OPP and other adhesive films. It is easy to adjust (the servo motor is active, the two knives are mounted on the chain, the high toughness blade is not easy to deform, and the two angle control reduces the tail film).
4. free adjustment conveyor belt, suitable for all kinds of thick and thin paper delivery can reach the non deformation, making the operation more convenient and convenient.
5. continuous motion system, combined with the speed of the bonding machine, automatic increase or decrease. Green and efficient environmental protection
485 communication
700-701 C values monitor read values
702 the number of pulses between two ultrasonic pulse signals is used to monitor the normal ultrasonic signal
703-704 paper number counter
705 fault code
0 servo alarm
1 servos without alarm
Servo connection
CN1 7 ---------------------------------------24V+
CN1 8 --------------------------------------- encoder A
CN1 11 ---------------------------------------24V+
CN1 12 --------------------------------------- encoder B
CN1 31 + --------------------------------------- alarm output
CN1 32 --------------------------------------- alarm output
CN1 45 ------------------------------------ ultrasonic sensor signal (fixed)
CN1 46 --------------------------------------- origin signal (fixed)
Summary of the project:
Common problem
Question 1: do not cut a straight line in the process of cutting, such as cutting out the S or the last side of the face.
Answer: the encoder slips, the encoder surface is not uniform.
Question two: the length of paper is very short, and the speed of paper delivery is very fast.
Answer: reduce the acceleration and deceleration time appropriately
Question three: open benchmarking and set the first knife allowed, but also allowed the following
Answer: the first tool is corrected by adjusting the first knife. If the knife is cut back then the first knife correction is set up.
The set standard corrects the inaccurate problem after the second knife through the knife depth adjustment value, if the cutter is leaning back then the depth adjustment value of the knife is set up.
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