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One, the concept of cooperation


Sincere honesty, service customers, solidarity and cooperation to grow up!


For partners, Winservo hopes to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with mutual understanding, respect and support. What we value is: your industry reputation, excellent business management mode, product understanding and importance, and good customer service awareness.


According to the actual situation and development concept of partners, Winservo will explore the most cooperative programs that are most consistent with the interests of both sides, so as to maximize their respective advantages so that both sides can develop together and create a win-win situation.


Two. Agents' rules for joining


The qualifications and conditions of franchising and cooperation:


The management concept and product positioning of Winservo are highly agreed with Winservo in the market direction, marketing strategy and service consciousness.


With professional sales and technical team and super strong business development ability;


The agent receives the related technical training of Winservo after signing the contract, and serves the customer according to the service idea of Winservo.


It must be qualified as a legal person and can bear legal responsibility independently;


Before joining, it is necessary to submit relevant legal person information, business scope and development experience introduction, business feasibility development plan;


Principle of operation of agent system:


The first tier agents can develop two level agents in the contracted area. When the branches of the agents sell the products in the non contracted areas, the two tier marketing protection policy is applied.


To help the agent development: the company will encourage the agents to work together and strive to support, maintain and help the agent to develop in all directions.


To avoid vicious competition among agents in principle: the distribution of agents according to the company about the dealer network layout planning of development, to achieve a reasonable distribution of the geographical position, to avoid vicious competition with regional agents, to ensure that each agent business profits achieved.


The agent priority renewal principle: the agent who achieves the assessment standard and overcompletes the sales quota will have the right to renew the agreement with the same company.


Responsibilities and obligations of agents:


Strictly fulfill the provisions of the channel cooperation agreement to ensure the completion of the annual sales plan and the sales return task.


No trans regional sales agents have been out for clients with quotation work, with mutual support concept; stock, fines and other measures to implement the Winservo hedge cargo agents;


According to Winservo's service concept of customer service, customer service complaints and if it is true, will affect the agent's year-end rebate; for other regional facilities to agents regional products for customer service service obligations, Winservo is responsible for the service fee;


Timely feedback the problems arising from the use of Winservo products and the opinions and suggestions of the users.


Timely feedback the market competitors and other information;


Strictly conserving the trade secrets involved in the cooperation between the two parties;


The strict implementation of the price policy made by Winservo must not change freely and disturb the market order.


Three. Support policy


Information and information support: the company collects market information from all relevant industries and sends them to agents for reference, so that agents can better grasp the market and market dynamics, catch business opportunities and reduce risks in time.


Advertising support: the company plans to unify advertising and marketing activities throughout the country to provide advertising support for agents.


Training support: the company has trained agents and salesmen.


Special product support: in special competition, after application approval, the company can provide special products as support.


Product service support: in the pre-sale, sale, after sale, the company provides a dragon service.


Marketing tool support: for brochures, posters and other marketing tools, the company will according to the development of business and market agents need to provide free.


Management guidance support: the company gives the agent management guidance, and gives the full support to the marketing team and the way of sales and the construction of the channels.


Four. Incentive policy


Over completion of the task reward policy: Winservo, according to the annual sales task of the established business, according to the total sales return of the agent, gives the agent a reward of the following proportion.


The policy of price protection:


The price system: to ensure the regional area to prevent the interests of agents, different regional market agents Chuanhuo caused prices, Winservo unified open quotation, the selling price and the market price is relatively uniform;


In the process of selling, the agent should strictly follow the price policy made by Winservo, and the coefficient should not exceed 5%. The minimum price shall not be lower than the minimum price; in special cases, if the written submission to the Winservo is below the minimum price, it can be executed after approval. Otherwise, Winservo will be severely punished;


The agent shall strictly control and supervision of the implementation of the distributor price, strictly eliminate agents dumping, disrupting the market price of the product order now;


Under special circumstances, when Winservo is being sold in the regional market covered by agents, it is sure that the local agents will be informed in advance, and the retail price policy must be strictly enforced, and the sales volume of the business will be charged to the amount of local agents.


Winservo will communicate in writing (Han Chuanzhen) on price reduction, price increase, release of new products or new specifications of the product price;


Credit line policy:


The agent will achieve more than 80% of the monthly average performance target in 3 consecutive months, and after 3 months' execution through the way of delivery, the Winservo will decide whether to give the agent a certain amount of credit. The credit line is not more than 45% of the average purchase amount in the first 3 months, and the credit line is a monthly knot.


Under special circumstances, a moderate amount of credit is given after the approval of the Winservo credit assessment.


The annual amount of credit must be in December 31st of that year before all settled, in order to determine the Winservo annual credit line;


Channel protection policy:


The establishment of the market channel: "Winservo> regional general agent > regional level agents > regional distributors" channel model;


Winservo will set up offices according to the market needs. The main responsibility of the office is to strengthen the supervision and management of the operation of the channel, and coordinate all kinds of contradictions and problems in the operation of the channel at any time, and assist the agent to expand the market of the new industry.


The agent must be specified in the contract terms in the area of sales, not cross regional sales, resulting in goods flows, interfere with other market prices caused confusion. When an agent needs to carry out a cross - regional sale, a written application must be applied to the Winservo and a written approval from the company can be carried out in the rear.


To fully protect the interests of agents and the normal operation of the market system, Winservo implements the filing protection system for the lower end customers of agents: those who have been filed for company can be protected for three months, and other agents must not intervene. When there are more than two agents in the same area, the company will properly manage and coordinate and establish a customer reporting system. When an agent sells the same customer, the party who first writes in advance will be preferred. If the agent violates the regulations, Winservo will be dealt with according to the relevant regulations of the company.


In the area that has not yet been authorized by the Winservo agent, it is considered a common development area, and the pre - developed and written prepares have the priority to sign the contract.


Five. Evaluation of agents


In order to make Winservo cooperate with agents in a healthy way and achieve a win-win result, Winservo will continue to examine and evaluate Winservo agents in daily marketing management.


A, sales


B, return


C and information feedback


D and market development


E, implementation of the agreement