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One, coating machine introduction:


Coating machine is mainly used for surface coating process of film and paper. This machine is to coat the rolled substrate with a specific function of glue, paint or ink, and then roll it after drying. It adopts multi function special coating head, can achieve a variety of surface coating, and coating machine equipped with full automatic roll film mechanism.


Because the film will shrink randomly in the process of coating and drying, in addition to ensuring the constant tension, we need to pull the film to the set length and ensure the accuracy, which is called the location tension.


The MITSUBISHI tension controller has been used before. Now it uses the Yong Bo tension servo servo system on the basis of constant tension (process tension) to carry out the two closed loop regulation with PID, so as to achieve more precise automatic control, so as to achieve the product positioning and stretching effect. Tension band stretching, coating belt stretching for the industry first.


Two. The whole process:



Overall flow diagram


Unwinding: the frequency inverter passively unwinding (torque mode), through the floating bar feedback tension value to the unwinding frequency converter, to ensure the constant tension, and then glue the water through the coating machine (general servo walking speed mode).



Middle: baking oven.


Winding: after a tension roller tension feedback (first ring tension), followed by a floating rod tension winding to the feedback inverter, then the two cooling roller (product positioning servo motor drive 5.5KW stretching, 30N moment, 11.3 reduction ratio, load in 10%~20%) to achieve product positioning stretch function, finally by frequency winding (torque mode).


The photoelectric eye detects the distance from each color mark to the publishing distance, and sends the measured distance to the servo, and the servo performs second closed loop adjustment. The final accuracy is within 0.25mm.


Four, mediocre servo function


1. The speed mode of the universal servo (coating function) changes with the change of the spindle speed.

2, the product positioning and stretching servo can measure the distance of the publishing distance through the color mark, and display the measured offset on the display screen.


3, product positioning and tension servo first closed loop: tension closed loop control. By setting the tension value, the tension size can be controlled stably, and constant length tension can be achieved through constant tension. The tension error is within 0.1KG/f;


4, product positioning servo loop: second tensile, by setting the standard version from the photoelectric feedback version and distance value fine-tuning version distance, the closed loop to achieve fine-tuning function, tension adjustment value in + 0.4N + 0.25mm to achieve material expansion, automatically adjusting the tension and stability of micro tensile length function.


Five. The functional parameters of the mediocre blob servo



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