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Equipment function: XY axis spraying manipulator, using man-machine interface control, servo drive manipulator, imported X/Y axis high speed slider, grease can resist the corrosive environment, the allocation of 2 imported spray gun, can rotate around the surface and four side spray products, automatic spraying high speed cycle, low fuel consumption, high yield, stable performance and the film thickness uniformity.

Application: suitable for mobile phone keys, mobile phone shell, digital camera, DVD outer shell, MP3/4 shell, shell game, circuit boards, computer keyboard, remote control etc..

Servo requirements: high stability, anti-interference ability, acceleration and deceleration response within 20MS, internal and external torque (two stage torque) independent control, adjustable, servo motor travel 2.5 meters to 3 meters per second, 300% torque for a long time to achieve high-speed reverse.

Servo system: the X/Y axis adopts the YBDP-A1075 servo control system.


Related technical engineer: Zheng Zhiyong

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