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Test rewinding machine

Equipment introduction:


The rewinding machine is widely used in plastic, printing, composite, coating, bag making, coating and so on. With dual servo automatic tension control, it can operate in the reverse and reverse direction, and has a fixed point memory stop function, and can quickly reverse to the defect position. The device is composed of unwinding mechanism, winding mechanism, rectifying device, guiding roller, photoelectric device, tension detection, synchronous strobe, length detection, operation interface and electrical control.


Equipment features:


The collection and rewinding are driven by YBDP series servo motor and can be double oriented.


The system adopts YBDP series special tension tension servo driver, the system response speed, strong anti-interference ability, digital sampling device, in the production process because of roundness error, raw roll roll diameter and speed variations or other factors affect the tension stable automatic compensation, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic constant tension control.


The tension system is: two pressure sensors before and after collection, check the real-time tension and do the closed loop tension control, the tension digital display, the touch screen set, and the tension can be flexibly adjusted. Stop after 20 seconds with host tension keep 20 seconds after stopping function "adduction unwinding keeping tension, and is equipped with independent tension switch function, the system is equipped with automatic stroboscope for observation of printing patterns, to identify defects identification, to automatically shut down, and stop position must be parked in the inspection platform, if the defect identification over inspection platform, automatic inverted will stop in the inspection defect identification platform with defect stop positioning function: artificial defects, defects in the special stop button and the defect location shall be parked in the vicinity of inspection platform (requirements can be set to stop position (unit: cm) bidirectional winding, and bidirectional winding are with automatic stop function, avoid light material. A axis and B axis are driven by independent servomotors. Two axes have the functions of unwinding and winding simultaneously, namely, two way winding. The photoelectric sensor is used to control the function of automatic stop (manual fine adjustment to detect the location of stop roll diameter). Maximum rate of release: 300 meters per minute.



YBDP series tension servo driver features:



The YBDP series tension servo driver has the functions of closed-loop tension control and open loop taper control. The driver has built-in open and closed loop algorithm. Users only need to set parameters without programming, and operate simply.


The YBDP series tension servo drive has the function of RS485 communication, which can communicate directly with the touch screen or PLC.


It has the function of mechanical static friction compensation, which makes the system more stable and more control; the user can set the compensation value by itself.


Under normal working conditions, open loop taper control can directly control the retractable volume, without using PLC DA module and pressure sensor, which can substantially reduce the cost of equipment manufacturing and maintenance, as well as improve the reliability of equipment.



YBDP series tension servo driver schematic:



YBDP series tension servo system is suitable for Industry:


For cases with higher tension requirements, such as thin material and easy deformation, small tension control force and high tension stability.

It is widely used in plastics, printing, composite, coating, bag making, coating and so on. Such as: product inspection rewinding machine, slitting machine, film mulching machine, printing machine, die cutting machine, textile machine, printing and dyeing equipment, packaging machine, paper equipment and so on.


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