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Warp knitting machine





First. Introduction


A group or groups of parallel yarns are knitted together on all the working needles feeding to the machine at the same time. This method is called warp knitting, and the fabric is called warp knitted fabric. The machine that completes the warp knitting is called the warp knitting machine. (Figure 1 is a physical display)



Winservo textile special server replaced the early low quality mechanical delivery and solved the common malfunction of early mechanical equipment and expensive maintenance. Yong Bo textile special server with intelligent electronic let off system, and can realize man-machine interface direct communication parameters setting sand feed and read, the system satisfies the conditions of the textile in the high-speed dynamic detection of sand tension, detect the signal and signal setting calculation and comparison, and sent by the take-up control and adjustment. To effectively improve the fabric quality, suitable for all kinds of shuttleless loom electronic let off and take-up motions, main drive and machine coiling equipment. (the following diagram is a mediocre electronic delivery servo system structure)


Two. The special servo performance characteristic of Yong Bo warp knitting machine:
High performance 32 bit microprocessor and 125us dynamic high speed computing circuit.
Using the built-in feed control system to reduce the cost and greatly improve the reliability of the system.
Within weeks, having a peripheral, pan head weeks, move speed and other parameters set
• the ModBus (RTU) protocol can communicate directly with the man-machine interface to achieve the setting and reading of various parameters of sand delivery.
- in high speed weaving condition on the dynamic detection of sand tension, and sent by the take-up control and adjustment.
Three. The warp knitting machine equipment and part of the program



Winservo scene display (picture for the application of servo Longsheng textile factory shooting)




Touch screen excerpt 2



PLC program excerpt 1






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