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Spiral paper tube machine


Spiral paper tube machine


Industry background (industry application field)


Paper tube machine (paper tuber equipment), is the production of paper tube machine equipment, the production of paper tube used in various industries, chemical industrial pipe, industrial pipe, film printing industry, paper industry pipe pipe, industrial pipe, leather for food packaging tubes, pipes, construction industry exhibition industry tubes.


Two. Characteristics


The fixed - length material of the material is set up by using the built-in cam function of the mediocre blob servo. According to the encoder signal receiving spindle to achieve feeding and cutting speed, smooth cut up.


Three. System hardware design


   1. Electrical materials



2. mechanical structure



3. electrical aspects



4. software design


4.1 process flow


The main thing is to make a circular shape of a plane paper.


4.2 control process


(1) first set the parameters of raw materials on the screen width needed to cut material long mandrel diameter etc..


(2) reset the system


(3) feed (slow start frequency converter), make material make shape state


(4) start cutting and servo adjustment in the first cut process with the same speed, to achieve the same speed after adjusting the length.


4.3 parameter setting



4.4 program display (PLC and touch screen)


(1) PLC program



(2) touch screen program



Five field data