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Paper printing machine

By using the system in India Yong Bowflex shear paper machine

First, preface

The flying shear system is applied to the printing machine, replacing the traditional manual adjustment of printing phase problem, making the system become the automatic fine adjustment printing paper phase, ensuring the printing paper phase accuracy, and also improving the production efficiency. The flying shear system, the main advantages in printing machine is reflected in the color anti-jamming processing, since the printing paper machine material color interference is more serious, the common color filtering algorithm is not suitable for the occasion, so after special treatment to recognize outstanding standard, the stability of printing machine system. The system is suitable for similar roll printing system and wheel cutting system.

Two. Characteristics

1. The system is simple, and the function of the flying shear system can be realized only with the servo system and the touch screen.

2. It is convenient to use. It is only necessary to set the mechanical parameters and connect the external control signal when debugging.

3, the system is stable, especially in the case of serious interference with the color standard, and it can also work normally.

4, the precision of the set mark is high, and the error is within 1mm.

5, improve production efficiency.

Three. Parameter setting

PN100 3

PN101 500

PN102 70

PN205 1000 maximum compensation for the first time

PN20B 8 allowed continuous number of standard numbers


The number of color standard adjustment intervals for PN20C 2

PN20F 5500 color mark width 0.01mm

PN210 500 color mark width allowable error 0.01mm

PN211 48223 cutter circumference

PN212 0


One loop pulse impulse of PN213 10000 cutter

PN214 0

PN215 8662 1m corresponding measurement wheel encoder pulse number

PN216 0

PN217 15000 sync angle

PN21C 1 correction of primary color number

PN21D 400 maximum compensation value

PN21E 24300 material length

PN221 20000 knife offset

PN222 0

PN223 100 sets of standard compensation speed


Number of PN224 2 cutters

PN227 1600 color mark to cut point distance

PN229 3000 color mark detection window

PN22A 0120 flying shear function

PN22B 3 from the axis molecule

PN22C 1 from axis denominator

PN22D 2 time axis frequency

PN231 0202

PN232 50

PN233 20

PN517 4288 phase forward and phase lag DI allocation

PN518 6888


Four. Summary

Printing machine system the main difficulty in terms of color, color by anti interference treatment after the system can run stably and reliably, and the running speed is greatly improved than before, from the previous 25m/min manual adjustment, upgrade to become 40m/min automatic fine-tuning phase function, fully meet customer demand.